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How does it work?Experts from universities, think tanks, and foundations can create events and briefings on the Dome platform expressly for decision-makers.Academics can share information about themselves, their research, and their recommendations on policy on the Dome Academic Registry.Decision-makers are never tracked and user data is never shared. On Dome, the experts are always transparent.
Find events on topics that you need to knowStay ahead of the curve and get expert information on the issues that are front of mind in the policy landscape today.
Ask Questions AnonymouslyGet information from advocates without revealing your identity. Dome allows decision-makers to ask questions anonymously, so you can get an answer without revealing yourself.
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Find the best events tonightDome has the best events on the Hill. Find events happening today based on the issues that you value most. Dome Events is free to use and never tracks users.
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Dome does not track activity. Dome never shares your data.
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